Electrical Maintenance & Servicing

Electrical Maintenance Services in Leicester

Running a business, we all know that there are legal obligations on us to test fixed and portable electrical equipment for health and safety, but electrical maintenance has deeper benefits than simply complying with legislation.


Benefits of Electrical Maintenance


As a leading electrical maintenance company in Leicester and the East Midlands, we understand that value regular, planned electrical testing and servicing brings to a business. The benefits include:

  • Improved Safety - professional electrical maintenance reduces health and safety risks
  • More Business Uptime - you are less likely to lose productive because of an equipment fault
  • Better Cost Management - maintained equipment lasts longer, improving investment payback
  • Reduced Energy Costs - our testing can identify areas for you to improve energy efficiency

So, if you've got no programme in place other than the statutory minimum, why not click here to contact us and see how we can improve your business efficiency.


Electrical Maintenance in Leicester


We've gathered many examples over the years of businesses we've helped in Leicester, just like the case study on this page. We offer a large range of services to check, monitor, test and inspect pretty much any electrical installation you could have.

Our most common electrical maintenance services include:

  • Electrical Inspections and General Maintenance (annual or periodic)
  • Emergency Lighting Testing
  • Fire Alarm Testing and Servicing
  • Servicing Existing Electrical Installations

Contact us now to see how these services would benefit your premises.


Flexible Electrical Service Contracts


For peace of mind, we are happy to offer any combination of these services, plus any which are unique to your circumstance, within a flexible service contract.

Discuss your options with us by contacting us here, or by calling us for a chat on 01530 249752.

Electrical Maintenance in Leicester - Case Study


Label Apeel - Leicester-based Label Apeel have been manufacturing and printing high quality self-adhesive labels since 1982 – with a £4 million turnover, they have developed an unrivalled reputation in the beer, wine and spirits, food retail and personal care sectors. They supply big names and brands including Marks & Spencer, Tilda, Greggs and Budgens.

We’ve built and nurtured a strong relationship with Label Apeel and were chosen as their preferred electrical contractor in 2004, responsible for day to day maintenance as well as the relocation and adjustment of their electrical equipment where necessary. Responsive and professional, we’re there when they need us.

“I have worked with Fusion since 2004 and in all of that time they have always performed to the very highest level. Their professionalism is ingrained throughout the whole business. It doesn’t matter whether you are dealing with the MD or an apprentice; you always feel you are in safe hands. Over the years they have managed everything electrically for my business from a complete mains installation through to light fittings. The work is managed well from start to finish with excellent back room and office based staff, clearly supporting the on-site staff and making sure that my every need is accommodated properly and efficiently. I have no hesitation in recommending Fusion for any electrical work.”

Stuart Kellock, Label Apeel