Base Materials

Fusion & Base Materials have been working together for 3+ years, ensuring their electricals are managed.

Base Material
Commercial Electrical Installations

The Challenge:

Base Materials manufacture and sell epoxy and polyurethane tooling and pattern moulding boards for diverse markets, including automotive, motorsport, foundry, marine, aerospace and rail. The company has three manufacturing units and offices based in Leicestershire, and a further distribution unit in Birmingham.

Fusion Electrics has been working with Base Materials for over three years, ensuring that all of their electrical requirements are managed in an efficient and timely manner. A core team of 3-4 of our engineers work consistently on this project to provide continuity of service to the client. Additionally, this way of working gives Base Materials added efficiency from familiar team that knows their sites and their expectations.

How We Helped:

The work carried out by our Fusion engineers includes lighting upgrades, installation of power sources, movement of power sources (required when machinery is moved) and installation and maintenance of emergency lighting. In addition, Fusion carry out regular electrical testing and manufacturing plant inspections on a five-year cycle.

The Outcome:

As well as having the peace of mind that all of their regular electrical maintenance, testing and installation requirements are covered, Base Materials know that they can also rely on Fusion for large or one-off projects.

In 2019, Base Materials shut down production for a two-week period in order to reorganise and reposition large machinery at the site.

“We went in, on a very tight time constraint, to work alongside other services and alter the electrical power sources, helping facilitate the relocation of their machinery,” explains Richard Fletcher, Bid Manager/Estimator, Fusion Electrics.

“As a busy and growing business, where the production process is a finely tuned system, any disruption must be kept to a minimum. Fusion’s engineers, who have an understanding of how we operate, have been sympathetic to that, always trying to work around our business operations. We appreciate and value that. Their engineers are professional and communicative, which is exactly what we look for with any contractor.”

John Miller, Managing Director for Base Materials

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