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One of the most dependable kinds of natural energy you can employ to run your business is solar energy.

Commercial Solar Installations

There are a many ways in which you can benefit from a Solar PV System, like reaching your sustainability goals and saving money on your bills.

Here at Fusion Electrics, we are experts in both designing and installing bespoke systems, whatever your building looks like. Get in touch with us to discuss solar for your business today.

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Discover the benefits of solar

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Gain energy independence

Powering your premises with solar protects your business from the disruption of power cuts and other issues that come with reliance on regular energy supply.

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Reduce costs

Break free from the National Grid and save thousands on your business' energy bills. Generate your own power and enjoy the freedom of financial savings.

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Reduce carbon footprint

Solar power, a renewable energy source, slashes your carbon footprint, improves efficiency and propels the planet and your business towards a greener future.

Store your surplus energy

Supercharge your savings with the dynamic duo of solar panels and battery storage. Integrate a solar battery into your system to capture and store excess energy generated by your solar PV system. With a solar battery, you have round-the-clock access to the surplus power you've harnessed.

It's time to unlock your solar investment's true potential and revolutionise how you power your premises.

Sell your excess energy

Here's a little-known fact: by coupling your solar PV system with a battery storage system you can sell your surplus energy back to the National Grid, turning your solar investment into a money-making machine.

It's like having a mini power plant right at your fingertips, earning you income while keeping your business running.

Lower environmental impact

Introducing green energy sends a powerful message to your stakeholders: you're a business committed to minimising your environmental impact.

As consumers grow increasingly conscious of their carbon footprints, your green initiatives give you a competitive edge to attract environmentally aware customers seeking eco-friendly businesses.

Low-risk investment

Solar panels are renowned for their impressive longevity and reliability, typically lasting 25 to 30 years or even longer with proper maintenance. Built to withstand diverse weather conditions, they feature solid construction with high-quality materials.

Rigorous testing and certifications ensure their quality, often backed by warranties of 20 to 25 years. . Solar panels provide businesses with a durable and trustworthy investment, delivering decades of clean and sustainable energy generation.

Solar grants & loans for businesses

There are numerous grants and loans available to support businesses like yours in embracing solar power. From government schemes to local authority grants and initiatives.

Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI):

While primarily focused on renewable heating systems, the RHI can also provide support for certain solar thermal installations. Eligible businesses can receive quarterly payments for a period of up to 20 years

Smart Export Guarantee (SEG)

The SEG requires electricity suppliers with over 150,000 customers to offer payments to small-scale generators for any surplus energy exported to the grid. This provides an opportunity for businesses to earn revenue from their setup.

Local Authority Grants

Some local councils in the UK offer grants or financial incentives to businesses within their jurisdiction that install solar panels. These grants can vary in availability and amount.

Green Business Fund

Run by the Carbon Trust, the Green Business Fund provides energy-saving support and financial contributions towards the cost of energy-efficient equipment, including solar panels for SMEs

Commercial Solar Loans:

These are specialised loans designed specifically for businesses looking to finance their solar panel installations. With competitive interest rates and flexible repayment terms, commercial solar loans provide the funding you need to harness the power of the sun without straining your cash flow.

Green Investment Bank Loans

The UK Green Investment Bank (GIB) offers loans and financing solutions to businesses focused on renewable energy projects, including solar panel installations. These loans are aimed at supporting sustainable initiatives and often come with favourable terms and competitive interest rates.

Energy Efficiency Financing

Many financial institutions in the UK provide energy efficiency financing that can be utilised for solar panel projects. These loans are specifically designed to support businesses in improving their energy efficiency and reducing their carbon footprint.

Regional Development Funds

Various regions in the UK have their own development funds that offer loans and grants to businesses looking to adopt renewable energy solutions. These funds aim to boost local economic growth and sustainability by supporting projects such as solar panel installations. Look at the regional development funds available in your area to explore potential loan opportunities.

Low Interest Business Loans

Some lenders offer low-interest loans for businesses investing in renewable energy, including solar panels. These loans come with competitive interest rates and flexible repayment terms, making them an attractive option for businesses seeking financing options.

Carbon Trust Loans

The Carbon Trust offers low-interest loans to help businesses invest in energy-efficient technologies,including solar panels. These loans are specifically tailored to support businesses in reducing theircarbon emissions and operating more sustainably.

Our dedicated team will help you to discover which grants and loans your business can apply for and we can even help you with your application. Please call us on 01530 249752 to find out more.

Why choose Fusion Electrics?

We're not just another solar company, we're your partners in progress, dedicated to designing, supplying, and implementing tailor-made solar systems that perfectly match your needs.

Product promise

We only install the highest quality materials and products from trusted manufacturers who offer multi-year warranties

Workmanship promise

We stand by our quality and include a 2-year warranty as standard for our installations.

Planned installation

We understand the importance of completing our work on time. We will always work to an agreed timeline to deliver a smooth professional installation.

Commitment to safety

We are fully accredited and committed to complying withcurrent legislation and will do all that is reasonably practicableto meet with these requirements

Proud ESPO framework supplier

Fusion Electrics are proud to be an ESPO framework approved supplier for Renewable Energy Solutions.

With over 30 years of experience in procurement solutions, advice, and training for public bodies in the UK, ESPO’s Approved Partner programis specifically designed to assist public sector organisations in making crucial procurement decisions.

Companies like Fusion that seek Approved Partner status undergo a thorough tender and evaluation process and are committed to working with organisations to promote the adoption of eco-friendly operations.

By implementing projects focused on renewable energy in the public sector, we not only contribute to significant long-term savings but also reduce their ecological footprint. For instance, by incorporating Solar PV systems, organisations can potentially decrease their energy expenses, freeing up funds that can be reallocated to their operations and services.

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"I am very impressed with the quality of work provided by Fusion Electrics. They installed new lighting fixtures in my office and everything looks and works great. I would definitely recommend them."

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“Fusion Electrics provided excellent service and were very responsive to our needs. They took the time to explain everything and ensure that we were satisfied with the work they did. I would definitely use them again!”

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