Christine's Solar PV Installation

Fusion Electrics were contacted to help this client achieve their goals with a solar PV installation.

Rothley, Leicester
Domestic Solar

Fusion Electrics were contacted to help this client achieve their money-saving and sustainability goals. This project involved designing and installing a 9.3kW PV system of 22 x 425W Perlight Delta Solar Panels, battery storage and EV charger.


The primary challenge with this project was the layout of the client's property. The roof comprises multiple sections across the ‘T’ shaped home. As a result, the Fusion team had to carefully consider the optimal places to install the solar panels to ensure maximum exposure to the sun and, in turn, maximum electricity generation. Additionally, the customer’s capacity requirements needed to be considered to ensure that the volume of energy produced matched what was needed.

How we helped

Fusion Electrics carried out one of our free site visits to assess the property and discuss the client's needs. Fusion engineers used their expertise to carefully plan and optimise the PV system across four different sections of the roof in order to maximise generation output. After the planning stage had been completed, the team quickly and efficiently erected scaffolding in the necessary areas and got to work installing the 22 Perlight Delta Panels. This process had to be repeated four times as panels were installed on four different roof sections. The panels were installed to schedule and to a top standard nonetheless.

The Fusion team also installed a 5kW GivEnergy Hybrid inverter and two 9.5kWh batteries. This will ensure that any excess energy produced will be stored when the panels are not actively generating. Also installed was a 7kW EV charger with off-grid connections and a new supply to the garage, allowing the client to charge their vehicle from the power generated by the new PV system.

The Fusion Team has also been available to the client for post-installation help and support.


The customer has received an optimised, personalised 9.3kW PV system and the perfect installation of 22 x 425W solar panels, 19kWh of battery storage and a 7kW EV charger. The PV system is expected to generate approximately 7885kWh per annum, generating huge savings of up to £2365.50 per year and allowing clients to work towards their sustainability goals. The client was pleased with both the physical installation and the additional help and support offered to her during and after the project.

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