Exceptional Solar ROI for Copley Scientific

This project was the installation of a 51.8kW Solar PV system with a battery storage system.

Copley Scientific
Commercial Solar

Copley Scientific are a leading, Nottingham-based provider of pharmaceutical testing systems. They wanted to reduce operational costs and be more environmentally friendly. With this in mind, Fusion was instructed to help them with the installation of a solar panel system that would achieve their goals.  

This project was the installation of a 51.8kW Solar PV system with a battery storage system, allowing for future expansion when required. This system allows for faster charging and discharging rates, making it the ideal solution for a medium commercial solar installation.  


The Challenge:  

Our main challenge with this project was the building that Copley Scientific occupies; it has three roofs, each with a different orientation. The potential issue this presents is that a solar PV system is only as effective as its lowest performing panel – with three sets each receiving different amounts of sunlight each day, it was crucial that this system was perfectly designed to optimise efficiency.    

An additional challenge was the funding timeframe. Copley Scientific received support from Sustainability in Enterprise (SiE) at Nottingham Trent University through the European Regional Development Fund. In order to access this grant, all works needed to be completed by the end of May 2023. This was particularly challenging as we needed to obtain G99 application approval; this sets out the requirements for commissioning tests and checks and required us to liaise with the DNO (Distribution Network Operators), in this case, the National Grid. Without this approval, we could not order materials or commence work, and with the process taking two months, the start date was pushed back, giving us a shorter lead time. We finally received approval in April, much to the client’s relief!    

Finally, Fusion managed all the scaffolding and roofing aspects of this project. The scaffolding required for this installation needed to be protected as Copley Scientific were still open for business, and where the structure was being erected, we had to ensure entrances/exits to the building complied with fire regulations and ensured the safety of employees. We devised a plan with our preferred scaffolding supplier to meet all requirements.  


How We Helped:  

Despite the roof orientation, Fusion were able to design a system with maximum power point tracking and a layout that was able to use just one inverter, therefore optimising efficiency. By installing such a comprehensive system at Copley Scientific, they will reduce their dependence on the National Grid.  

Solar energy is a clean, sustainable, renewable energy source readily available anywhere in the world and their solar PV system with battery storage will store surplus, ready to utilise when needed. Once Copley Scientific’s battery is fully charged, the extra energy will be exported to the grid.  


The Outcome:  

Fusion completed this project within four weeks of receiving the approval from the DNO (National Grid) which was required for funding to be released. Given the tight lead time, we are proud to have installed a solar system that is estimated to generate around 42,360kWh of clean energy per year, which is approximately 36.2% of Copley Scientific’s annual usage, along with reducing their C02 emissions by 8.7 tonnes per annum, the equivalent of planting 376 trees each year!    

Copley Scientific is recognised as the world's leading manufacturer of inhaler testing equipment as well as a trusted provider of test instrumentation for other pharmaceutical dosage forms. Their new PV system is an incredible achievement which demonstrates their commitment to reducing air pollution, contributing to a cleaner, more sustainable future.  

“We engaged with Fusion Electric early in the process and were delighted with the guidance we received in developing the specification and to order placement. Throughout the actual construction phase, the project was exceptionally well managed, and we were kept informed of progress at every stage. The standard of workmanship has been impressive and conducted in a manner which created little or no impact to the running of our business. The site was always left in a clean and organised state at the end of each working day. Thanks to the team at Fusion Electrics, we managed to achieve the required project timelines and are now starting to generate the benefits expected from the system.”

Richard Postlethwaite

Chief Operating Officer, Copley Scientific

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