Mr Haluch's Solar PV Relocation & Installation

Follow Fusion's latest update on a solar PV relocation and installation job near Coalville.

Mr Haluch
Coleorton, Coalville
Domestic Solar

Fusion Electrics was tasked with a slightly more complex than usual solar PV installation job:

• Relocation of the customers’ existing PV system.

• Install a new 32-amp supply to the new system location.

• Install 12 400w new solar panels.

• Install an addition 2x5kWh battery storage

• Complete all mounting and cabling requirements.

• Install 2 5kWh Pylon Tech battery storage to work alongside the existing system.


Fusion faced several challenges during this job, the first of which was moving the current PV system. The current PV system was completed the previous year as part of a local authority scheme by another installation company. Unfortunately, the terms and conditions of this scheme meant that the PV system had to be installed in the closest possible location, the utility room, rather than where the customer would have preferred it, the garage. As a result, our engineers had to disassemble and reassemble the current system components and complete all of the groundwork associated with this system move. Namely, this included moving all of the paving slabs, laying new cabling, and clearing up the old cable systems etc.

Fusion also faced a few weather-based challenges with the installation of the 12 new panels on the garage. This installation took place in February, so the weather wasn’t the best. Additionally, the location of the garage is very open and unprotected from the wind. The rain, combined with some high wind speeds, meant that for a couple of days, the installers could not go on the roof. As most guidelines state, roofing works should cease when the wind speeds reach 23mph, which they did on two occasions.  

How We Helped

Despite the initial challenges with the relocation of the PV system, the Fusion team carefully and efficiently relocated the system from the utility room to the garage. Fusion also installed a new 32-amp AC supply to the garage location to feed the PV inverter.

The engineers installed 12 brand-new high-efficiency 400W solar panels, creating a robust 4.8kW PV system in the garage. A 3.68kW string inverter complemented this system to efficiently convert solar energy into usable electricity. Fusion Electrics also integrated new 2 x 5kWh Pylon Tech battery storage units into the client's existing hybrid PV system. These batteries were strategically configured to work alongside the new garage PV system and two existing 3.5kWh batteries, enhancing energy storage capacity and reliability.

Despite the less-than-desirable weather conditions, the team were able to do alternative tasks during these days to ensure the timely completion of this project. Namely, Fusion provided the seamless integration of all mounting equipment and associated DC & AC cabling, optimising the performance and safety of the entire solar energy system.


Fusion Electrics efficiently moved the existing PV system and set up a 32-amp supply to the garage. Fusion installed 12 x 400w solar panels on the garage roof despite adverse weather conditions by monitoring weather forecasts, maintaining careful health and safety standards and mitigating risks. All relevant inverters and batteries were also installed promptly.

The customer now has an even larger PV system totalling 11.04kW and a battery capacity of 17kWh; the entire system is located in the desired place. This will allow the customer to have enhanced energy independence, reduce reliance on the grid, and improve their electricity costs in the long term.

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