Mr Perkins Domestic Solar PV and EV Charger Installation

The Fusion Electrics team installed an extensive solar PV system for the client, read more here.

Mr Perkins
Domestic Solar

The Fusion Electrics team installed an extensive solar PV system for the client, which consisted of 20 x 400W solar panels, a 5kW hybrid inverter, Eddi Solar power diverter and a 9.5kWh battery storage. The team also installed an Electric Vehicle (EV) charger that will be linked to the PV system.


A frequently occurring challenge with domestic installations is dealing with homes with different roofs and pitches. This was the case with this installation, but with the years of experience and a vast number of installations our engineers have completed, the team were able to navigate the installation expertly.

As with all installations, the client's property was assessed during the initial site survey, which Fusion Electrics completes for free. The renewable engineers evaluated the property's suitability for solar and then worked out the optimal number and positioning of solar panels to get the maximum renewable energy production within the client's budget. It was decided that 12 panels would fit well on the house and 8 panels would be fitted on the garage roof which would provide significant energy reductions for the client.

How We Helped

The Fusion engineers carefully and quickly completed the installation of 20 x 400W MEPV solar panels, creating a total of an 8kW PV system. The team then installed a 5kW hybrid inverter. This hybrid inverter is a modern technological development meaning that incorporates solar micro-inverters and a battery inverter. The kit will intelligently handle power from all sources: solar panels, battery storage, and the national grid.

The Fusion team also installed an Eddi which is a solar power diverter that helps make the most of the self-generated power rather than exporting it back to the grid and also fitted  a 9.5kWh battery storage system, which will allow any additional energy to be stored and used at a later time when the PV system is not actively producing. This ensures that the energy created doesn’t go to waste and enhances the client's opportunities to become independent from the grid. Finally, the team installed a 7kW EV charger, which will link directly with the PV system, allowing the customer to charge their vehicles using the renewable energy produced by their solar PV system.


The client gained an extensive, modern, highly intelligent PV system totalling 8kW with 9.5kWh battery storage, generating an estimated 7312 kWh annually. This will save them a huge £2193.60 per year.  Additionally, this system is future-proof and allows room for expansion and modifications!

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