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Find out how Fusion tackled this huge residential solar project on a former pub-turned-family-home.

Trevor Stevens
Domestic Solar

In June 2023, Fusion was introduced to a domestic solar PV and battery system installation project on a former-pub-turned-family home. The home uses only electricity and has an extremely high consumption of around 18,000 kW hours per year. The plan was to install 34 x 430W solar panels, giving a 14.62kW system that would work with 4 x 5.32kW battery storage units and a 12kW 3-phase hybrid converter. Alongside some additional My Energi devices, the value of the project totalled £49,500.

The Challenge

During Fusion’s first site visit, it quickly became clear that the original plan of mounting the solar PV system on the roof was not a viable option. Both the age and condition of the roof contributed to this decision, as well as Fusion and the homeowner wanting to avoid any problems further down the line.

Fusion decided that an in-roof system would be more suitable, but this also came with its own set of challenges. To allow for an in-roof system, the existing roof tiles and material needed to be stripped off entirely. The roof was pitched at a steep 40 degrees, making it an extremely awkward angle to work on. The scaffolding system around the roof would also need to be capable of holding up to 10 tonnes in weight to allow the roofers to strip the roof tiles, but, as always, Fusion rose to the challenge!

How We Helped

Fusion’s first task was to organise the programme of works. Phase one was based on the top section of the roof. Firstly, scaffolding was erected, including a loading bay that could hold 10 tonnes of material, equipment and engineers. Roofers could then strip existing materials and install new lath and felt. Next, Fusion engineers installed the GSE in-roof mounting buckets for the solar panels and the side flashing kits. The panels were then installed and fixed into the roof. The Roofers then returned to re-install the existing roof tiles around the solar array.

Once this was completed, phase two could begin. The scaffolding system, including the heavy-duty loading bay, was moved to the lower section of the roof. Roofers returned to the site and stripped the roof material again. Fusion engineers then went in and installed the remaining solar panels, and roofers put the last of the tiles back around them.

Whilst the roof works were ongoing, we also installed an array of My Energi devices to enhance their solar PV system further. A solar diverter and CT monitoring device were installed, as well as an electric vehicle charger. The combination of these allows the customer to measure and divert their generated energy back to their own systems, as well as charge their EVs.

The Outcome

A full solar PV system has been safely and accurately installed, generating an estimated 12,997kWh per year. The 21.28kWh of battery storage units maximise the usage of the generated energy to 90%. The home’s dependence on the grid has now been reduced by around 75%, and energy bills will be reduced by up to £ 4,000 per year!

Key Statistics

• A 14.62kW solar PV system with 21.28kWh of battery storage capacity was installed via an in-roof system at the family home.

• 12,997kWh of clean energy is estimated to be generated each year.

• 90% of the energy generated will be used by the customer.

• Grid dependence has been reduced by 75%, and bills reduced by £4000 per year.

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