Slack & Parr Case Study

Fusion completed the installation of the building’s essential electrical works including the electrical supplies.

Slack & Parr
In Progress

The Challenge:

Slack & Parr’s existing building was set to be demolished in 2021, leaving them in need of new premises. Fusion were contracted as part of a new-build project, creating a 72,500 ft2 building specifically designed for Slack & Parr’s business operations.

How We Helped:

Fusion’s remit was the complete installation of the building’s essential electrical works, including the incoming electrical supply to a bespoke made switch panel providing 1108.513 KVA of power, door access including an intercom, CCTV, Intruder alarm system and energy efficient external lighting, as well as providing a Category L1 Fire Alarm system.

We also designed a 1250A busbar system with 2no 800A sections and 1no 250A section to be used throughout the warehouse area to accommodate high-powered engineering machinery. Finally, we designed an energy efficient daylight dimming lighting system with occupancy sensors to minimise energy costs, which was installed throughout both warehouse and office spaces. MK prestige dado trunking has been installed within all office areas to distribute small power circuits and data systems to CAT6A standard.

The Outcome:

This project is due to finish in September 2020, providing the end client with a fully operational, safe and energy efficient building.

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