Solar PV Installation at the Technology Building

Fusion Electrics were contacted for a commercial solar PV installation project at Loughborough College.

Loughborough College
Commercial Solar

Fusion Electrics were contacted about a solar PV installation project for one of the buildings at Loughborough College. The College had a few ambitions for this project, including completing this entire roof installation within their one-week half-term break. This installation aimed to alleviate the College’s energy bills and increase sustainability.


Fusion Electrics was the principal contractor & designer for this project. This meant that Fusion was responsible for adhering to additional CDM (Construction Design and Management) regulations, which means Fusion Electrics have the skills, knowledge and experience that secures the health and safety of any person affected by the project and ensures the work is carried out safely. We are members of RECC and have full MCS accreditation.

On top of the CDM regulations Fusion had to bear in mind, there were a few additional challenges. The primary challenge with this project was time. This system and installation are extensive, and completing the installation in just one week in February was somewhat of a challenge. Additionally, the size and height of the building meant that Fusion had to construct an extensive scaffolding system of 100 metres before they could even begin installation. However, the Fusion team were able to use their knowledge and years of experience to carry out all work promptly.

With it being February in the UK, the weather was favourable one day and then pouring rain the next. However, with the one-week deadline in mind, our engineers brought their coats and worked through the torrents that came mid-way through the installation.

The project also came with a few additional requirements, namely a new 100 Amp AC supply and a request for a fireman switch. The new 100-amp AC supply was required inside the electrical room in the Technology Building so that the supply of energy that comes from the solar panels can go to the PV inverter. This is an additional layer of complexity to the system. Also, the College requested that a ‘Fireman’s switch’ be installed. This is not a feature that our engineers install on all installations, but it means that if there is ever a fire in the building, there is a switch that a fireman can use to isolate the system power. This, too, was an additional aspect to be considered when installing the PV system.

How We Helped

Fusion Electrics carefully planned, organised, and carried out all works at the site, adhering to and exceeding all CDM regulations. From scaffolding to engineers on site, Fusion puts safety at the forefront of all our projects.

Our engineers worked through both sunshine and rain (lots of it) to ensure that this project was completed to a perfect standard and within the College holidays. The team installed 145 Hyundai solar panels, each at 410 watts. The total size of the PV system totalled 59.55kW.

Inside the Technology Building’s electricity room, the Fusion Team installed a new 100-amp AC supply from the panels and added DC surge protection for the string, too. Fusion happily met the customer's request and installed the fireman’s switch, creating an additional layer of safety for the system in the event of a fire.


The Technology Building now has a state-of-the-art, customised 59.55kW PV system. Here are some of the outcomes that the College can expect to see:

• The PV system is expected to generate around 49.57MWh per year.

• This energy production from sustainable solar power will save the College an estimated £25,000 per year.

• The investment will be paid back in as little as two and a half years.

• Custom fireman’s switch for safety in the event of a fire

• DC surge protection

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