West London Properties

Fusion designed 40kW PV solar system for West London Properties, to be installed on a 7-storey building.

West London Building
Commercial Solar

The Challenge:

Fusion designed a renewable solar 40kW PV system to be installed on a flat roof on top of a seven-storey building for West London Properties.

The main challenge of the project was the requirement to use a non-penetrating system in which the solar panels were not attached to the roof, as damage to the roof material would void its warranty.

How We Helped:

Our solution was to weigh down the PV system, calculating the weight required to stand up to wind speed while also allowing for snow load. We used 9 tonnes of ballast to secure the system, designed and arranged to evenly spread weight across the entire roof space.

The Outcome:

The outcome was the installation of the maximum solar PV system, providing renewable energy back into the building and achieving the qualifying BREEAM target for West London Properties.

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