Westcotes Lodge

Fusion were asked to help with the refurbishment of Westcotes Lodge in Leicester.

Westcotes Lodge
Commercial Electrical Installations

Fusion were asked to help with the refurbishment of Westcotes Lodge in Leicester.

The Challenge:

Fusion was asked to help with a number of services for Westcotes Lodge including a full strip out and installation of a heating and cooling system, new data cabling, fibreoptics and a fire alarm and security system. Fusion worked alongside main contractors (Tilbury Douglas) as part of their refurbishment plan to ensure the continued safety of its employees and patients within the Victorian building.

How We Helped:

The site was closed to the public whilst the works were carried out, enabling us to complete our work within the agreed programme of works and regularly liaise with the main contractors.

Westcotes Lodge required electricals, fire alarm, door access system and data cabling installation to comply with Electrical & Bafe SP203-1 regulations as well as BS7671. We completed a full rewire of the health centre to assist with installing the other services we provided during this project. Once the rewiring was complete, we moved on to installing fire alarms, the door access system, and the data cabling installation. We understand the critical importance of fire safety in commercial buildings and used this knowledge and expertise to ensure that the fire alarm system installed would provide early detection and quick response in the event of a fire emergency. These systems are also essential for fire safety compliance BS5839-1 within a commercial building.  

To protect sensitive medical and personal data frequently exchanged between various systems, the health centre must have a secure data cabling infrastructure to support its daily operations. With our vast experience, we were able to install the data cabling required for the health centre to run effectively and efficiently. Along with installing a door access system to safeguard staff against unauthorised access from the public. Implementing an effective door access system for Westcotes Lodge has given them the reassurance of overall security.

The Outcome:

Fusion completed all necessary electrical and mechanical installations within the agreed programme of works. By upholding superior management and workmanship and ensuring full compliance, as well as fire safety regulations set out by the regulatory bodies, we have delivered a project that satisfies the client's needs and requirements. The client has expressed their contentment with our work, which has been completed to an exceptional standard.

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