XDMC Limited

Fusion Electrics were contacted by XDMC Limited to install a solar PV system to help them meet their goals.

XDMC Limited
Coalville, Leicester
Commercial Solar

Fusion Electrics were contacted by XDMC Limited, an engineering services organisation located in Coalville, Leicestershire, to look at installing a solar PV system. The client had three main goals:

• Virtually eliminate their energy bills and become a net exporter.

• Reducing their carbon footprint and going beyond net zero.

• Future-proofing their building and making the business resilient to market energy price changes.

Fusion installed a 50kW PV system made up of 120 x 415w solar panels, a 15kW AC coupled inverter and a 3-phase 12kW battery storage system alongside two 22kW EV chargers.


There were a few challenges involved in this project, but Fusion’s experience and expertise meant these were dealt with with ease. First up was the time of year that the project was due to be carried out. Roof installations during the winter months often have an added layer of complexity as a result of the weather conditions; this project was no different. Additional challenges came with the actual building. Its height meant that Fusion had to design a bespoke scaffolding system for the job, ensuring it was safe and fit for purpose. Also, the skylights on the roof meant that extra precautions needed to be taken.

How we helped

Firstly, Fusion designed a custom scaffolding system, including rail guarding for all of the skylights, to ensure safety for the team. Our team worked throughout the 5-week project timeline in October to install all 120 panels, the 15kW AC coupled inverter, and a 3-phase 12kW battery storage system. There was also a requirement for a new 3-phase submain to allow the PV system to operate. Fusion also installed two 22kW EV chargers and linked them with the PV system so that they will operate off solar power only, not the grid. The team optimised their time at the project by doing the indoor work on poor weather days, which involved completing the DC and AC cabling, DC surge protection, mounting inverters and isolators.


Fusion Electrics installed an extensive, 50kW solar PV system quickly and safely. The complete system is expected to generate 41,927 kWh per year, over double XDMC's current consumption! This huge annual production allows XDMC to not only meet their goals of reduced bills, reduced footprint and future-proofing but also expand their operations and still be covered by solar power. The solar PV system generation will allow for additional staff, machinery and lower environmental impact. Additionally, XDMC will now be able to charge electric vehicles on-site.

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